Self Service Launderette Reinvented

About Us

Orenchi is a product of passion and perseverance in innovation.

We embarked on the journey of innovation with the purest passion beating in our heart. In the face of adversities, it is passion and perseverance that have kept us going.

Innovation is about making life easier in the simplest way.

We believe that a successful innovation is the one that changes our habit without us feeling the change.

Orenchi is a platform

Laundry is more than just loading the dirty clothes into the washing machine. Orenchi converges the online and offline channels where laundry needs are sorted out.


From services offered at our launderette to a variety of cleaning solutions offered at our online store, Orenchi is always right there at your fingertips, ready to take on your daily household cleaning needs.

Why Orenchi

1st fully App controlled launderette

Orenchi is the 1st connected and fully mobile app controlled launderette. Not only can you kiss goodbye to the “dirty” coins, queuing and waiting in boredom in the launderette are now the things in the past.

PocketDobi – the launderette in your pocket

Orenchi enables you to remotely monitor your laundries progress and receives notifications of their status. You can casually dine away in an eatery nearby while waiting for your laundries.

Clean the washer before use

Orenchi is the first launderette in the market that allows you to perform a washer self-cleaning procedure by just a tap on the phone before you load your dirty garment into the washer.

Pay less for more

Orenchi uses high quality detergent and efficient machinery to ensure your linens are always given the best cleansing treatment at no additional cost. Our attractive pricings and rewarding loyalty programs are designed to offer you unbeatable value for money. Orenchi simply delivers you a better experience for lesser money.

Natural Enzyme Detergent*

Orenchi uses high quality natural enzyme detergent which is gentle and yet far more effective than many off-the-shelf detergents. It saves our environment too.

Encapsulated Softener*

Orenchi uses state-of-the-art encapsulated softener where its fragrance is locked in the fabrics and gradually released to keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout the day.

No minimum fixed rate

Orenchi tumble dryer is 100% pay per use where there’s no minimum fixed rate.

Pre-wash your laundry

Pre-wash is an extra cycle added to the beginning of the wash cycle which is amazingly effective against dirt, bad smells and stains. This is a must-have option for families with babies, kids and persons with active lifestyles.

Online Store

Like our detergent and softener? Our products are available for purchase at our online store. Keep an eye out for our latest products and promotions.

* Washupp 3x enzyme detergent and Washupp encapsulated softener are only provided in Super & Premium mode.









App Screenshots



Quick Wash

Super Wash

Premium Wash


Wash & Fold - Quick

Wash & Fold - Super

Wash & Fold - Premium

Wash & Dry - Quick

Wash & Dry - Super

Wash & Dry - Premium

Folding service

Dry & Fold


Massage Chair (10 Min)

Massage Chair (20 Min)

Massage Chair (40 Min)

F&B Vending Machines

Standard Rate (MYR)




1.00 per 6 minutes block













Price based on individual SKU

Student / Promo Rate (MYR)


















“ By far the best concept. Thumbs up ”


Project Manager

“ Aplikasi terbaik. Mudah digunakan. Cepat dan lancar. Saya sukakannya. ”



“ It’s so unbelievable that a laundry can be so techy. I’m truly impressed.”


IT Manager


Return and Refund Policy

For transactions for services purchased in Orenchi Launderette

1. Orenchi does not provide refund the Customer have made a wrong selection or changed his/her mind. Orenchi strongly recommend all Customer to preview any order before confirming the transaction.

2. Orenchi does not provide refund and/or compensation for damaged garments due to negligence as the service is self-serviced basis. Orenchi strongly recommend all Customer to check the CARE LABEL on garments before using the washer and/or dryer to ensure that the garments are suitable for the application.

3. Refund can be arranged under the following reasons:

- Incomplete cycle due to malfunctions of machines.

- Incomplete cycle due to disruption of supply of electricity, water and gas

- Customer is charged more than the value displayed in the app.

4. Orenchi provides the refund in the form of credit(s) within 7 working days if the conditions fulfilled item No.3. Orenchi does not provide refund in cash.

For transactions for products purchased in Orenchi online store

Return/Exchange of Products or refund can be arranged under the following reasons:

- If any Product has been delivered in a damaged or defective condition; or

- if the Product is out of date or expired; or

- if the wrong Product which is different from the Order is delivered

The Products shall be returned to Orenchi unused and in its original condition, quantity and packaging as it is first delivered to the Customer together with the proof of Order, payment and delivery of the Products.

1. If a Product which was ordered and invoiced is not included in the delivery, Orenchi shall either refund the Customer the value of that Product, or replace the Product.

2. If any Product which was not included in the Customer's Order is delivered to the Customer, Orenchi shall collect the Product from the Customer.

3. If the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered, Orenchi shall refund the Customer the value of the Product as originally charged to the Customer.

4. If a Customer is charged more than the value of a Product as displayed on the site when the Customer makes its Order, Orenchi shall refund to the Customer the difference.

5. The return of a Product by a Customer does not automatically warrant for a refund. Orenchi will inspect the returned Products upon receipt of the same. If the conditions in Item No. 1.1 of this Return and Refund Policy have been fulfilled, refund will be made to the Customer and we will reimburse the Customer of its courier charges for returning of the Products to us provided always that the courier payment slip is furnished to us upon seeking refund.

6. All refunds will be made via the same mode of payment within 2 months and depending on the appointed bank refund policy in which your receipt of the refund will depend on the period of time your financial institution takes to finalise the refund. Orenchi shall not be liable with respect to any loss, damage, cost or expense that you or any person may incur as a result of any delay in your financial institution processing the said refund.

The Customer is required to send back the affected Product(s) to us via a reliable courier service company to our warehouse the following address:-

Washupptech Sdn Bhd
No. 48, Jalan BP 5/6, Bandar Bukit Puchong, 47100 Puchong , Selangor

The Customer shall be responsible for the risks and condition of the Product to be returned until it reaches us at as abovementioned address. Orenchi will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Product prior to the Product is received by us. The Customers are advised to pack safely the Product to prevent any loss or damage to the Product or its box or its original packaging.